Supplies Shortage

Sep 24, 2021 | General news

The affects of Covid-19 are starting to affect our industry and impact on the supplies of printers and media. We’ve all seen how most industries have been affected during the pandemic with supplies of most items.

The main reasons for the delays are as follows:

Many businesses have been closed around the world meaning that production may have stopped or been seriously curtailed.

Customers may not have placed forward orders on manufacturers due to staff shortage throughout Covid lockdowns.

Businesses may have reduced production because of reduced demand.

Shipping has become more costly by sea due to the amount of Covid-19 products being shipped and the reduced capacity.

The blockage of the Suez Canal meant deliveries were delayed.

Reduced staffing levels at manufacturers meant stock planning and ordering was affected.

What Products are currently being affected?

Name                                Stock status

CX-02 6×8 Media             On backorder

CK-D820 6×8 Media        On backorder

CK-D715 4×6 Media        On backorder

CK-D768 6×8 Media        On backorder

CK-D746 4×6 Media        On backorder

CK-D868 6×8 Media        On backorder

Other items will become in short supply as orders continue to be processed.

How long will these problems last?

In our opinion reduced availability will be seen for the rest of the year due to limited supply, timescales for shipping by sea and panic buying by some customers. Limited supplies will hopefully start to appear towards the end of October. However this timeframe could change.

Should you place an order?

We are processing orders on a first come first served basis, you don’t have to pay for the goods now but just secure your place in the queue by placing an order. When goods arrive you will be notified for payment, of course you can cancel your order at that time.

Note. If you wish to place an order please email the details to

Please do not order the above items via the ecommerce website at this time.

Product pricing can be found on the website.

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