Traditional Photobooths and Mirror Booths now bundle with Citizen Printers.

Aug 18, 2021 | General news

During the last 10 years almost every one of our booths shipped out with an industry standard Mitsubishi Electric printer.

When Mitsubishi Electric announced that they would cease production late last year the team at Photobooths set about looking for a new print partnership. The challenge was to find a tech company that manufactures robust professional dye-sublimation printers and is looking to form relationships at local level.

It turns out that this process was actually quite simple! It would appear only Citizen Systems Europe have feet on the ground in the UK and are looking for substantial growth!

We are pleased to say that the Citizen products supplied for testing are as good as or perhaps even better suited to the booth, attractions and events market than the previous supplier!

Now the testing is done and commercials agreed it looks like the next generation of photobooths will be powered by Citizen prints.

Lets get the party started !

Pictured below is the Citizen CZ-01 printer
Design and manufactered By Citizen for the hospitality market. Could this new compact powerhouse become the next big thing!
Compact & lightweight (just 5.8Kg). Produces stunning 4 x 6” ” and 4.5 x 8” prints

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